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What comes up when someone Google’s you or your business?

When you go into a store and notice a new brand/item on sale, but are not familiar with - the first thing we do is ‘Google’ the item/brand… And if we find a website with product information, accreditation and information about the company, we tend to feel more reassured in acquiring this product or dealing with this organisation. One the same note, if we do not find a website to represent the brand/product/company, we tend to be a bit more sceptical into trusting this product… "

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“A Website is probably the single greatest tool in showing people how reputable you are! Here's how we get you up an online…“

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Web Hosting

Reserving hosting space is like purchasing a piece of property. Like you would purchase a piece of vacant land to construct a building, getting some web hosting space can allow you to upload a website and create email accounts using your domain name.

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Your Website

Sit back and relax while our innovative and well trained design team get your website up and online within 48 hours. We employ the latest in design trends and technology to ensure a unique, custom designed website to your specifications.

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We would love to meet with you, at your convenience and get a member of our expertly trained sales team to introduce ourselves and set the foundation of a long lasting relationship of success and trust.

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Reserve your very own address in the online World at the click of a button. A domain can be compared to your physical address - when someone wants to visit your website they type in your address and are directed to your website.

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