T's & C's

All Signage to be in accordance to laws and bylaws of SAMOAC and the EThekwini Municipality, and to be approved by Municipal authority. All adverts to adhere to Advelution advertising standards, and be screened and passed by executive board of building. Right of admission reserved. Signage to be maintained in good repair and safe condition. Lighting, if required, used for illumination shall be positioned to ensure effective distribution of light and minimize light wastage or ‘spill’. Signage not to be detrimental to or have a negative aesthetic impact to the urban design, street scapes or the character of  the surrounding area, by way of design of the signage. Signage to be within building tolerances, so as not to compromise the structural integrity of the building. Signage shall not be, in it’s content, objectionable, indecent or suggestive of indecency or prejudicial to the public morals.