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We have created a very special brand management product called Building My Brand. Building My Brand strives to connect with consumers, and strategically allows for our customers’ brands to be positioned first in the mind of a targeted audience. After a decade of experience in the advertising, marketing and business development sectors, Advelution has implemented key systems and protocols and combined with the use of innovative applications to produce the Building My Brand Lead Generation platform. The harmonious integration of the services linked to our platform are critical to it’s success, therefore services offered to by Building My Brand, are implemented by us for our clients with great precision within incomparable time frames. A key account manager is standing by to visit, strategies and plot a brand strategy, every month. From structuring and designing adverts, to marketing opportunities, we advise, create and dedicate time to clients to maximise the use of our services. Supported by these are business coaching, sales, social media and administrative training and real time account management.


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